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Creating an Empire for Bees & the LGBTQ Community

Episode Summary

Hear Noah Wilson-Rich, founder of urban beekeeping company Best Bees, share the buzz around his mission to enhance the LGBTQ and bee populations. Brought to you by GoDaddy.

Episode Notes

Despite having a fear of insects growing up, Noah Wilson-Rich discovered his calling after finding out bees were totally vanishing in 2006 — so he changed his entire education and career trajectory to become a beekeeper. After unexpectedly winning a business competition at the nearby university, he received enough funds to take the first step in launching his beekeeping business: The Best Bees Company. Several years later, Best Bees became a multi-million dollar company that has grown beyond Noah’s wildest dreams. As he continues building his brand and his expertise on all things bees, Noah has seen firsthand how beekeeping has united the LGBTQ+ community and those living on the outskirts of society. It’s also helped transform his own identity. Noah explains how bees are like the LBGTQ+ community — they have the power to build highly successful empires despite being made up of many non-reproductive individuals. They focus on bettering society as a whole. As Noah keeps encouraging others in the pursuit of helping bees, he remains resiliently dedicated to lifting up both pollinators and LGBTQ+ folks through the power of urban beekeeping. 


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